Pellowah Healing Testimonials

I would highly recommend a Pellowah Healing, I received a remote Pellowah Healing from Ensha. The physical and mental changes totally blew me away. I am not stranger to healing. Honestly, I have never had that amazing results. I was so totally amazed. I recently did Level 1 & 2 Attunements to become a practitioner. And looking at becoming a teacher of this modality. I totally recommend Pellowah.  Dee, Mackay QLD

Not only do I go to Ensha when I am feeling overwhelmed and drained I also seek her healings when I am feeling uplifted. The last time I did this my life’s purpose become even clearer and I found myself feeling more at home within my skin. I came away knowing that I was on the right path, all along I was on the right path, I just didn’t always see it and Ensha guided me towards this knowing. These Pellowah healings are SO powerful, I think everyone should take up the opportunity to spend time with this amazing lady. I recommend her to family and friends. Lena James – Yellow Room Reiki and Crystals

Pellowah Energy Healing Sessions available in Cannon Hill Brisbane QLD, distance Pellowah sessions available globally.

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