About Ensha

Based in the lovely city of Brisbane Qld Australia  Ensha offers Pellowah Healing sessions in Brisbane QLD, and distance Pellowah Healing Globally. Pellowah Workshops are also held throughout Australia and Globally.

Organise a Pellowah Level 1 & 2 Workshop in your area. Use the contact form to enquire about Workshops in USA, Canada, United Kingdom (UK ) and New Zealand

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 As a teacher, channel, visionary and mentor, Ensha offers wisdom, clarity and tools for personal and spiritual awakening.  Inspiring you to establish positive lasting change, confidence, peace and awareness in your life.

We all have innate gifts and life has this surprising, challenging and often magical capacity of guiding us to discover these gems.

An awareness of the invisible, that there is more to this world than our eyes can see, has been with me, since a young age. I feel we all have access to this intuitive knowing, which becomes stronger as we open up and trust ourselves enough to take action on it. This process reminds me of a dial on a radio being tuned in and turned up.

My personal experience is that there are times of more accelerated growth in our lives, my early 30’s was one such period. My intuition heightened, as did my curiosity about life and the idea that we all have a purpose, and how tapping into that purpose would elevate our lives, I was excited in a completely new way.

Synchronistically within the days that followed the word astrology dropped into my mind and with it came the energy and recognition beyond doubt that this was connected with my purpose! This epiphany morphed my world, doorways closed and others unveiled. Life rearranged, I felt at times like a bystander watching the ripples. I leapt into learning astrology ( which in essence was learning more about myself ) one thing lead to the next, I was introduced to energy healing, meditation and so much more.  Since then I have studied, travelled, grown personally and spiritually and continue to do so.

Things that bring me joy: Swimming in the ocean, Clear starry skies, Ancient Mystical and Magical Places, Home and Family, Friends and Enlightening Conversation, Travel, Adventure and Spontaneity, Music that Speaks to the Soul……..

People who Inspire me: Visionaries and Inspirators, those that follow their spirit unconditionally and without hesitation.

Contact Ensha m +61 (0) 409 040 283|Info@enshareiya.com |pellowahhealingandtraining.com