The original purpose of Pellowah was to shift the consciousness of humanity, the healing benefits of Pellowah are a wonderful byproduct of the “Shift In Consciousness” Pellowah brings.

When would someone most likely come for this firm of healing?
A person will come for this form of healing when they are drawn to it. Usually it will be at a cross roads in their lives. Some may be in physical or emotional crisis, though mostly the person will just know this is what they want to do.

How long does a Pellowah Healing take? Healings take 45 – 60 minutes.

Can the healing be done over distance? Yes Pellowah works just as well over distance.

Where does Pellowah come from? This energy comes through directly from Diving Source there is no middle man.

What are the results of the healing? The benefits of Pellowah are on all levels, physical, emotion and spiritual. Pellowah calms the motions, clears the mind and brings about a greater feeling of inner peace, inner strength and inner confidence.

Is the healing angelic. No. The energy comes from the purest of Divine Source. The angelic name is the highest and closest vibration to where and what the energy does. 

Can Pellowah be done on an unborn child? Yes.

Pellowah FAQ's